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The Taco Bar is Now Open!

Completing a Puzzle Within a Puzzle

Last weekend while most people in Carmichael were enjoying the superb pre-Spring weather, we at MESA MERCADO were putting the finishing touches on our newly opened Taco Bar!

You might say that it's open is part of completing a puzzle within a puzzle—meaning that the as we fit the last piece of the MESA MERCADO puzzle together (which includes the restaurant, the gift shop and the cocktail bar), it is happening as the Milagro Centre continues to introduce new tenants.

A New Way to Experience MESA MERCADO and Milagro Centre

In some ways, the Taco Bar isn't "part" of MESA MERCADO. Unlike the restaurant, which is contained within its own boundaries, the Taco Bar is part of the interior pathway between River City Brewing Company. This is very much by design, as, unlike the restaurant, the Taco Bar is intended to provide a quicker, more mobile experience.

For that matter, the Taco Bar's "menu" is slightly different than the restaurant. As where the restaurant menu is more static and much larger, the Taco Bar's offerings will be occasionally changing. Yes, we'll always have standards like tacos and tortas, but other items—such as our botanas (snacks) and postres (desserts)—will likely change depending on a variety of factors, such as seasons.

Likewise, the Taco Bar has it's own register where you order and pay, and it also has its own flatgrill so that orders can be quickly prepared. You can sit down at a bar stool to enjoy your food or take it with you as you stroll around the Milagro Centre! 

A New Way to Experience Méxican Foods

The boom in food trucks over the past few years means that most everybody has experienced them. Of course, taco trucks have been around forever, and chances are good that you've been to one as well.

Although the Taco Bar is an attempt to deliver the "street food" experience of a taco truck—or more specifically, the mercados of México—it's also a new way to experience Méxican foods that you might not normally encounter or have ever had. This is especially true of items like our "stick foods," such as Elote (seasoned corn on the cob) or Molletes (flatbread topped with beans, cheese and other classic ingredients).

The Taco Bar also offers more than just also features a variety of drinks! From "real" Méxican Coca-Cola in the bottle (made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup) and other sodas to fresh-squeezed juices to Méxican beers, there are many different classics to wet your whistle!

As always, thank you for your patience while we got this opened, and as always, please let me know what you think after you visit the Taco Bar! Salud!

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